Circuit Breakers Sales NE

A leader in providing power distribution products and services, Circuit Breaker Sales NE formerly Diversified Electrical Services, Inc., has been serving commercial, industrial, municipal, and utility customers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic for more than 22 years.

Based in Seymour, Connecticut, CBS Northeast has a large inventory of new, surplus, and reconditioned circuit breakers, switchgear, motor control, transformers, and other power apparatus, along with hundreds of thousands of replacement parts.

Our shop services include repairing, upgrading, reconditioning, and remanufacturing your electrical equipment from a single circuit breaker to a complete substation.

Life extension is our specialty, and our engineering staff and skilled technicians can match your existing lineup or retrofit, or retrofill your circuit breakers and switchgear with upgraded components or modern replacements.

CBS Northeast service teams provide on-site 24/7 emergency or disaster repair/recovery services. We can repair on-site or replace your circuit breakers, switchgear, and power transformers and have you back online quickly and safely.

Also available from CBS Northeast are electrical equipment shelters, replacement vacuum interrupters, circuit breaker and MCC bucket remote racking systems, remote switch actuators/operators, circuit breaker timers, and the industry’s only field-portable vacuum interrupter tester, which predicts the usable life of a vacuum interrupter.

CBS Northeast Team

Sertec Relay Services

Sertec Relay Services buys and sells protective relays and specializes in extending the life of obsolete electromechanical protective relays by providing quality repair, remanufacture, and retrofit services for relays of all types and manufacture. We also service specialty electronics used in electrical power systems.

From simple overcurrent induction disk protective relays such as the GE Type IAC or Westinghouse Style CO to more complex relays such as the General Electric GCX or GCY distance relay or the Westinghouse Style KD impedance relay, we buy, sell, and service them all.

To ensure proper operation and calibration, our technicians utilize modern protective relay test equipment including a comprehensive multi-amp RTT test table and solid-state Epoch relay test sets.

Additionally, we have an extensive inventory of replacement parts and components, including older-style switchboard meters.

Power Control Division

Circuit Breaker Sales NE’s Power Control Division (PCD) is a 60,000-square-foot facility supplying all manufacturers’ new and remanufactured low- and medium-voltage motor control, replacement MCC buckets, contactors, panelboard switches, bus plugs, motor starters, stab assemblies, fuses, and more.  MCC buckets, molded and insulated case breakers, from every manufacturer dating from the 1940s.

We can supply new General Electric motor controls as an OEM, or we can supply remanufactured equipment to meet virtually any need. We can retrofit your existing buckets with all new components or sell you any part or replacement bucket you need.

We also sell and service all types of low voltage motor controls (600 V and below) from NEMA Size 1 through NEMA Size 7. From replacement parts to plug-in buckets to complete freestanding starters, we can meet your needs. Vacuum retrofit and retrofill solutions are also available.

This unmatched inventory, coupled with our world-renowned shop services, allows us to customize each bucket to your exact specification using brand new components.