Circuit Breaker Sales NE

On-site Emergency Support 365/24/7

Call: 800-521-0197

When an emergency or disaster strikes, CBS Northeast can provide immediate on-site response 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We have dedicated employees, an engineering-based staff, complete manufacturing facilities including sheet metal machining capability, and a huge inventory of all manufacturers’ obsolete, surplus and new electrical equipment and replacement parts.

CBS Northeast has access to Group CBS assets for all types of emergency service and disaster relief with 4 self-contained portable workshops with this we can project a complete repair shop anywhere on land or sea for quick sustainable service and repair call CBS Northeast and put these assets to work the next time an event has u up looking for help.

We can repair on-site or replace your faulty electrical equipment, enabling us to restore your power quickly and safely.

For emergency support, any day, any time, contact:

Matt Brierley
Cell: 203-605-0962