Circuit Breaker Sales NE’s life-extension programs also offer retrofill options. CBS’ retrofill service strips out the old obsolete or underrated equipment from one of your existing enclosures or cans, or a similar model unit from our inventory, and installs a complete new assembly draw-out structure with a new breaker or contactor, or an all-new assembly, within the existing enclosure. This saves our customers the cost of replacing entire line ups while gaining the peace of mind that comes from having the latest electrical distribution and protection equipment.

Circuit Breaker Retrofill

Examples of CBS’s retrofill services include:

    • Upgrading low-voltage circuit breakers with new cradle. breakers, doors, and interlocks.
    • Replacing obsolete low-voltage power circuit breakers in existing line ups with modern insulated case circuit breakers that have higher interrupting capacities and modern solid-state electronics.
    • Updating medium-voltage motor controls with GE Multilin motor relays, for example.
    • New buckets for your low-voltage motor control centers.
    • New vacuum interrupters to replace older large, low-voltage air breaker motor controls, or medium voltage overcurrent protection devices.
    • Changing out oil, or air-cooled dry-type transformers with more efficient and robust cast-resin power transformers.
    • ….And much, much more. Contact us to see if we have a retrofit solution for your needs

CBS Maxi-Vac and Maxi-Pac Retrofill Kits and Services for Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

CBS Maxi-Vac replacement vacuum circuit breaker Replacing your obsolete medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers with new CBS Maxi-Vac replacement interrupters designed and manufactured to meet all ANSI and IEC standards will extend the life of your obsolete vacuum circuit breakers. Let CBS’ trained engineers and technicians design and install a CBS Maxi-Vac retrofill modules to replace that obsolete medium voltage breaker and drawout cell assembly, including new solid-state relays for two-thirds the cost of a new switchgear with minimal lead-time.

Not sure if your vacuum interrupter equipment is up to speed? Circuit Breaker Sales NE is proud to be among the first to offer Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) field and shop testing services to its customers for quantifying the remaining life of vacuum interrupters used in medium-voltage circuit protection devices.

CBS Maxi-Vac and Maxi-Pac circuit breaker retrofills include a new cradle, and circuit breaker with the latest solid-state trip device and are available for for most manufacturers of 600V-38kV ANSI switchgear, including GE, Square D, Cutler Hammer-Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers, Siemens Allis, FPE, Gould, Merlin Gerin, and ITE-ABB, among others

A Maxi-Pac retrofill solution includes:

    • New cradle and circuit breaker
    • Custom-designed connection between the cradle and the switchgear line and load side bus for your electrical equipment
    • Solid state protective relay
    • All work completed by factory-trained technicians to oversee the complete retrofill
    • And Circuit Breaker Sales NE’s standard 18 month warranty
    • Benefits of Max-Pac and CBS Maxi-Vac of a retrofill solution include:
    • Less downtime than is required for a new switchgear solution
    • Electrical system upgrade to high interrupting ability for a minimized expense
    • Replaces old electrical mechanical trip devices and relays with modern solid state devices
    • Eliminates the need for obsolete or unavailable parts
    • Warranty and support from the national Group CBS organization

Extend the life of your existing equipment. Consider a cost effective CBS Maxi-Vac or Maxi-Pac retrofill solution.

Switchgear Life Extension Retrofills

AC-PRO solid state trip unitsCircuit Breaker Sales NE’s life-extension programs will extend the useful life of your obsolete, hard-to-maintain switchgear, including raising interrupting capacity, increasing equipment reliability, matching your existing switchgear lineup, providing solid-state trip units, and offering retrofit and retrofill solutions.

Our capabilities include:

    • Upgrade your low-voltage circuit breakers by retrofitting them with a solid-state trip unit.
    • Upgrade low-voltage circuit breakers with vacuum interrupters to increase life in motor-starting applications.
    • Replace your obsolete medium-voltage breaker and drawout cell assembly by installing our retrofill modules that will provide you with a new breaker and cell.
    • Upgrade your obsolete medium-voltage circuit breakers with vacuum interrupters.
    • We can provide a matching switchgear lineup to add feeders to an obsolete substation.

CBS Maxi-Cast Cast Resin Transformers Retrofill

Let Circuit Breaker Sales NE extend the life of your oil filled and dry type Transformers through our retrofill and replacement program.

We stock our replacement Maxi-Cast cast resin power transformers with ratings up to 2500kVA. Additional units area available with short lead times for retrofill and upgrades up to 10MVA.

Cast resin technology performs well in severe environments with virtually no maintenance, which means these units pay for themselves over 10-12 years due to reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

For more information on the Maxi-Cast resin core substation class transformers, download our brochure and contact Circuit Breaker Sales NE, we love to help!

Cast Coil Transformer Retrofill