Part/Catalog Number: 3AF-1588-3
Original Manufacturer: Siemens
Product Line: 3AF
Amps: 4000A Frame
Operation: Electrically Operated
Mounting: Draw-out
Voltage: 12kV Max
Interrupting Capacity: 63kA

Description: The 3AF-1588-3 vacuum circuit breaker was originally manufactured by Siemens Germany. The 3AF-1588-3 is rated 4000A, 12kV, 63kAIC.

3AF-1588-3 4000A Parts & Resources:
– Charging Motors
– Vacuum Bottles
– Trip Coils
– Close Coils
– Relays
– Arc Chutes
– Operating Mechanism Parts
– Auxiliary Switches
– Control Devices
– Undervoltage Trip Device
– Primary Disconnect & Finger Clusters
– Secondary Disconnects
– Maintenance Tools
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– Draw-out Parts
– Renewal Parts Guide
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