Most car owners have had the unwelcome experience of an unexpected mechanical breakdown, and some have even dented a fender or two. Few have the luxury to run out and buy a new car whenever this happens. Instead, we get an estimate and have the damage repaired. If you’re smart, you also take your vehicle in for periodic tune-ups to avoid larger problems down the road.

Why not do the same thing when your industrial or commercial circuit breakers, network protectors, load break switches, or contactors fail or need maintenance work?

When industrial- or commercial-grade circuit breakers fail, the replacement cost can be astronomical. Whether it’s a lone General Electric AK series circuit breaker, a couple of Westinghouse contactors, a large piece of switchgear loaded with Cutler-Hammer DS breakers, a group of Siemens ground and test devices, or a lineup of Square D load break switches, all electrical equipment will require maintenance or repair sooner or later — and often sooner than anticipated. That’s why Circuit Breaker Sales NE offers industry-leading rapid evaluation and remanufacture/retrofill/retrofit services for all your industrial and commercial electrical gear.

You can send your equipment to CBS Northeast, or we can arrange shipping for you if necessary. However it arrives, we test and evaluate it and provide you with an industry-certified test report and a detailed quote for the item’s repair. You will learn if any new or replacement parts are needed — such as vacuum interrupters, bottles, trip units, relays, or coils — and receive guidance on whether the item needs remanufacturing, reconditioning, or simply a good cleaning, lube adjustment, and test. CBS Northeast’s exchange and rental programs can also provide you with a working piece of equipment while yours is in the shop.

We further recommend that you consider our evaluation services for your mothballed and backup electrical equipment. There is tremendous value in having this gear evaluated and repaired, for the same reason you keep a spare tire in your car trunk: to be prepared with a fully operational piece of equipment when you need it most.