The need for ground and test devices

Michael Smolen - G&T Inside-1

When maintenance personnel, during an installation or shutdown, want to work on existing switchgear or associated downstream devices protected by this switchgear, it is imperative to ensure that the line or load switchgear bus is completely grounded prior to any work being done. Working on a bus that’s not completely shut down can be deadly. […]

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So You’re Ready to Buy a Circuit Breaker or Switchgear

Buying circuit breakers and switchgear need not be complicated, though it does help to know what questions to ask. Circuit breakers come in two configurations: draw-out circuit breakers that rack out of their cells, and bolt-in breakers that connect directly to the bus. These breakers can be hard to remove. […]

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Why Circuit Breaker Maintenance Matters

Most car owners have had the unwelcome experience of an unexpected mechanical breakdown, and some have even dented a fender or two. Few have the luxury to run out and buy a new car whenever this happens. Instead, we get an estimate and have the damage repaired. If you’re smart, you also take your vehicle in for periodic tune-ups to avoid larger problems down the road. Why not do the same thing when your industrial or commercial circuit breakers, network protectors, load break switches, or contactors fail or need maintenance work? […]

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Why Industrial Recycling Matters

What happens when large power plants or factories need to replace major systems, such as circuit breakers or switchgear? Where do those hazardous materials go? Do these older units need to be replaced or simply repaired? […]

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Retrofits and Retrofills Breathe New Life into Obsolete Breakers

Most metal-clad switchgear was designed and built to last 20 years. But some 30-plus-year-old electrical equipment is still in service and on the verge of obsolescence. Circuit Breaker Sales NE offers an economical way to extend the life of your obsolete switchgear, motor controls, and circuit breakers. […]

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Circuit Breaker Certification

Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing

Before discussing testing and certification techniques for low-voltage circuit breakers (Part II of this story), here is an overview of some common typesÑand some misconceptions. […]

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