Circuit Breaker Sales Service Shops remanufactured vacuum circuit breakers for a power plant owned by a major energy company.

Returning used electrical equipment to like-new condition through remanufacturing is a great way to extend the life of your aging switchgear, circuit breakers, motor controls, and more. The technical and engineering staff at Circuit Breaker Sales can professionally repair, remanufacture, and recondition your electrical equipment to OEM and industry standards.

photo of a remanufactured vacuum circuit breaker being delivered

We recently did just that for a power plant owned by a major energy company in the Midwest. A remanufactured VVC-MVR-13.8-1000 vacuum circuit breaker was returned to the plant on Tuesday, August 30 and was put in service on Friday, September 2. The existing vacuum bottles were also replaced. The customer was impressed with the quality of the work done by the Circuit Breaker Sales’ Crown Point Service Shop, led by operations manager Tim Chicki.

“Even the riggers commented on how nice the breaker looked compared to the ones they have installed from the manufacturer,” said Group CBS sales rep Jeff Bell.

VVC-13.8-1000-1H vacuum circuit breakers are direct replacements for GE Magneblast AM-13.8-1000 air circuit breakers. No modifications to existing switchgear is required for installation. The VVC-13.8-1000-1H is rated 3000 A, with 15 kV max voltage, 1000 mVA interrupting capacity, and utilizes the ML-13 operating mechanism.

Remanufactured equipment is fully disassembled to ensure that there are no mechanical/electrical issues, cleaned and lubricated, and fully restored. Worn or defective components are restored or replaced and surfaces are replated and repainted. Equipment will meet or exceed its expected life and is returned to like-new condition.

The customer ordered six circuit breakers from Circuit Breaker Sales and is now anxiously awaiting the next installation after this success. To learn more about our remanufacturing services or replacement parts inventory, contact us today!